Affiliate Disclosure

At, we are committed to transparency and disclosure of all affiliate links and sponsored content found on our website. We believe strongly in being open and honest about our affiliate relationships.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has mandated that all websites must make a disclosure if they are using affiliate links on their site. This disclosure must be made clear and conspicuous in order to ensure that visitors are aware that there is a potential of making money from them using the links.

Affiliate links are special links that track when a customer clicks on a link and then makes a purchase from the merchant’s website. The merchant then pays a commission to the website owner for referring the customer.

Sponsored content is another form of affiliate marketing. This content is created by a merchant or an affiliate and is presented as an unbiased opinion or review. This content is often sponsored or paid for by the merchant in order to promote their products or services. The FTC requires that all sponsored content be clearly identified as such.

At, all affiliate links and sponsored content are clearly disclosed and labeled. We believe in making sure that our visitors are aware of any potential earnings that can be made from using our website.